A Family-Oriented Community of Carriage Homes
Located in Worcester Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania

Welcome to the Website for Center Point Farm Homeowners

This website was created by the CPF Communications Advisory Committee to provide residents a forum for locating information and identifying resources with the goals of:

· facilitating communications within CPF
· fostering an increased sense of community
· improving your quality of life at CPF

Community news will be posted regularly on this front page. You can access the news by scrolling down this page. Also, you will find a wealth of additional information by selecting the buttons in the left column.

Center Point Farm information is available via the top set of buttons. Though information regarding home maintenance tips and services is available with these links, please note that questions or concerns related to lawn care, stucco, roofs, HOA fees, etc., should continue to be directed to Janice Shearer at Grosse & Quade Management Company. Her phone number is 215-855-8700.

You will find that five of the CPF inside pages, including the Directory, are secure and can be opened only after typing an ID and password available only to homeowners. If you didn't receive a hand-delivered letter with the ID and password, please contact a CPF Communications committee officer (tap the "Committees" button in the left column to retrieve their E-mail addresses).